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Leslie O'Toole


2020 marks my 19th year of teaching at McGill in grades K through two. My greatest strength as an educator is my ability to gain a relationship of trust with my students, hopefully to establish a bond that inspires them to reach their full potential and develop a lifelong love of learning. I feel that trust is gained through authentic interactions, sensitivity to individual learning needs, and honoring diversity.


With an extensive background in dance, theater, and design; one of my greatest joys in teaching is using the arts to help engage students and enliven subject matter; be it language arts, math, or science. 


I also feel rewarded through community outreach efforts. Serving as a representative of McGill for numerous community-family-events, I work to broaden McGill’s important footprint in the neighborhood.

I can be contacted by:

School phone: (619) 629-0770 Ext:7005  

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