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Back to School Night

Everyone had a great time at Back to School Night; new students and returning students, new parents and returning parents, new staff and returning staff.

The Sunrise to Sunset program brought goodies for the crowd:

Ms Kimberly brought nutrition information:

There were books to take home for free:

Mr Mendoza gets us started, while Mr Robinson beams in the background:

We had a standing-room only crowd; but the cool kids never sit in the front, do they?

Ms Vega, our parent liaison, was on hand:

The McGill School Board was well represented; new members Mr Carson and Ms Gruby were there:

Ms Gomez was in attendance:

(So was Mr Dorner, but he was behind the camera, not in front of it!)

Ms O'Toole, Ms Bundley and Ms Niday applaud for Ms Blevins, just sitting down:

Beloved McGill parent Ms Camacho was in attendance:

Ms Walker and Ms Herman were in the back, where all the cool kids hang:

Ms Gloria, Ms Delia, Ms Terry and Ms Yoo were brave enough to sit up front:

Ms Balster-Gee and Mr Rios gave important info about the Sunrise to Sunset program, where McGill students can come to school early or stay late:

Our new music teacher, Mr Robinson, introduced himself, while Ms Manglicmot looked on:

Ms Yoo welcomed parents to the 4th Grade classroom:

3rd Grade is Ms Fletcher's domain:

Ms Terry gives parents the 2nd Grade deets:

Ms O'Toole, our 1st Grade teacher...

... had a good crowd in her room:

Former Board member Ms Rentie visits TK:

Where Ms Herman works with our youngest students:

Ms Niday speaks to one of our Kindergarten students and his mom:

And we finish up with Ms Bundley in the 5th Grade classroom:

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