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McGill's December Leaders

We gave out a bunch of awards for our students' December excellence!

Our Reverend George Walker Smith Character Counts awards for December went to Yessica and Benjamin!

This is a very special award for students who have demonstrated the highest character; listen to what their teachers had to say:

I would like to nominate Yessica to receive the Rev. Smith Character Counts Award. Yessica comes to school every day, on time, ready to learn. She is an amazing role model and consistently puts forth her best effort. Yessica is a team player and is kind, caring and respectful to others. Yessica is a highly dedicated student who strives for excellence in all areas.Yessica is a shining example of perseverance and all that embodies a McGill Mustang. Since starting at McGill as a TK, Yessica has continuously proved that no obstacle is too difficult to overcome and arrives at school each day ready to learn. Yessica is a very kind-hearted individual who respects her teachers and peers, as well as always being prepared to lend a helping hand when asked. Her level of perseverance, respectful demeanor and willingness to work diligently in the classroom makes her a prime candidate for the Reverend Smith award.

Benjamin is raising the banner of excellence in his classroom. He is excelling in every area of academics. In class he is quick to pick up a new subject. Once during math I asked "How did you know that?" His response was "My dad taught me."  Parents play a crucial role in their child's education. I was truly happy to know his parents are so involved in his education. Benjamin also leads by serving as a teacher assistant helping other students in the class with their work.

Benjamin also sets a great example when outside the classroom as well, showing good sportsmanship with his peers and including everyone. He also leads by serving on the McGill Student Council as a member of the  Peace and Safety Team. Benjamin is a best friend to all his peers. He is a future world leader and I cannot think of someone who is more deserving of this award today.

Our Student Council gave out the awards today, with some help from Mr Mendoza and Ms Manglicmot:

If you haven't been to the school lately, you're missing what is now a very spiffy stage!

And let's have a hand for Mr Rios, who brings the school so much energy. Who else could we call on to entertain the crowd while we solved some technical difficulties?

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