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McGill's February Leaders

There were so many strong performances in February; the following students were chosen from the many who deserved awards:

Our Reverend George Walker Smith Character Counts awards for January went to Ruby and Kelsey!

This is a very special award for students who have demonstrated the highest character.

Ruby is a TK student who exemplifies all of our pillars of character counts!  She may be one of the youngest students at McGill but we can all learn from her examples in ...

Trustworthiness:  I can always rely on Ruby to follow through on what she says she'll do and can trust she will make good choices.

Respect:  Ruby treats other people with kindness and respect.

Responsibility:  Ruby is always doing what she is supposed to do and is a good role model for others.

Fairness:  She takes turns and shares with her classmates and friends.  

Caring:  She helps other people and shows she cares by saying please, thank you, and your welcome.

Citizenship:  Ruby demonstrates what a great McGill leader she is by following the rules, helping others, and being kind.

Kelsey stands out as a shining example of trustworthiness, respect, and integrity in our classroom. With her positive attitude and strong character, she consistently demonstrates admirable traits in various aspects of our day to day activities. In the classroom, Kelsey can always be relied upon to complete her assignments diligently and honestly.

Beyond academics, Kelsey shows respect towards her peers, teachers, and school staff. She listens attentively during class discussions, valuing the opinions of others and treating everyone with kindness and consideration.

She consistently chooses to do what is right, even when it may be difficult or unpopular. Kelsey's unwavering honesty and integrity serve as an inspiration to her classmates and earn her the trust and admiration of her teachers.

Overall, Kelsey is an exemplary student who embodies the values of positive characteristics both inside and outside the classroom. Her positive influence and outstanding character make her a role model for her peers and a valuable asset to her school community.

Per usual, our awesome student council gave out the awards, with some help from Principal Mendoza and Ms Manglicmot:

The show started off with some warmups:

Then, we had a surprise performance by our Dance Crew:

Dance Crew is one of the many activities in our Sunrise to Sunset before- and after-school program. If you find your kids don't like to come home from school, Sunrise to Sunset is why!

Making its first appearance at a McGill event is our new gizmo, the McGill Kiosk:

This interactive display will always be near the door, and presents McGill events, media and more. It's a touch screen, so feel free to use it to explore our site!

(When the Kiosk isn't being used for informing families, we use it for various educational purposes, just like our Promethean smart boards.)

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