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McGill's March Leaders

From among so many deserving students, these were given leadership awards for March of 2024.

Our very special Reverend George Walker Smith Character Counts awards went to Carel and Julian.

Carel is a true example of perseverance. In her two years here at McGill, she has consistently proved that no matter what challenges that one may face, each goal can be met through hard work, determination and a dedicated support system. A  leader leads by positive example and encourages others to create their own path to success in the process; Carel is a leader in a way in which she never gives up when faced new academic concepts that may seem challenging at first, she holds head up proudly, asks for support when needed and diligently completes each task with confidence. Her example is a light to our other students, a reminder that no matter what task lies ahead of you, you can shine through with the right attitude. We have watched Carel pick herself up many times; only to come back confidently, better than ever and ready to learn. She is a leader that inspires perseverance and motivates others to persevere as well. Carel is a great example of what a McGill Mustang represents!

Julian is very committed to his education and doing his ultimate best. His completed assignments are done with diligence and excellence. He completes all of his assignments on time and displays the confidence and motivation needed for lifelong learning which shows responsibility on a consistent basis. He is respectful and very mannerable, always raising his hand when he is asking for directions on his assignments or requests. He not only respects his teacher and all other staff, but his classmates as well. He is very caring and is always available to listen to his friends. He definitely models all of the character counts traits on a daily basis and is one of the best role models for his peers at McGill School of Success.

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