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Roberto Sanchez

Hola! My name is Roberto Sanchez and I serve as Director at the Dr. Dorothy Smith Arts & Culture Center at McGill, where students have the very unique opportunity to receive daily doses of music and dance instruction. I have a bachelor's degree in Fine and Performing Arts, a master's degree in Music Business & Entertainment Industries from The University of Miami, as well as over 15 years of performance experience as a professional musician in the "Entertainment Capital of the World", Las Vegas.

Entering my fourth year working with McGill students, I have implemented a 4 Week Revolving System that includes RTH Week (Rhythm, Theory, History), Instrument Week (students play violins, pianos, percussion, ukuleles for one full week each month), ART Week, and SHOW Week, which prepares students for the showcase at the finale of each semester. I enjoy bringing in special guest performers each semester to give students access to real world examples of hard working creatives.

The music and dance programs at McGill provide a robust, well rounded introduction to the Arts in a way that stays fresh, builds student confidence, teaches theory, improves motor skills, allows for a multitude of opportunities to try different instruments before entering middle school programs, and most importantly, builds on the positive effects of combining Arts with Math & Science. I cherish the opportunity to grow and nurture the creative ability within each McGill student as they ascend in academics.

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