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Play it Safe with CC Chihuahua!

March 10, 2017




CC Chihuahua and her owners, Tracie and Matt, joined McGill students last week to share there safety tips. Here is what they taught us:


We believe the key to remembering any important safety information is through discussion and role-play. I really suggest having each teacher role-play a “safety” scenario per week in their classrooms.  Here are the "Top 6" things parents & teachers should review with their children.  I also attached the "parent safety" letter in English and Spanish.  Some of the teachers mentioned they would like a copy and it has a list of my favorite books.



 PlayItSafe:   Safety Tips to Review


1.   “NEVER STOP TO LISTEN” to a stranger.

2.   Stay five arm-lengths or more away from a stranger or a car.  

3.   Always walk against the flow of traffic!  See the driver’s face.

4.   If you get lost or someone is following you, go to a place with people.   “Stay with people or go to people.” Groups are good.  Make sure you find a mom with children or an employee you see doing their job. 

5. If someone tries to grab you, yell "Stranger! 911!" to attract attention and go chihuahua crazy!!!!

6.  If someone you know makes your “Creep Alarm” go off, tell a trusted adult even if they threaten you.

      Talk to your children about adults they might know that make them feel uncomfortable.  If their “Creep Alarm” goes off, they need to tell a trusted adult.  Remember, over 90% of the time, when a child or woman is assaulted, it’s someone they know!
Permission Protects!!!!  Having mom or dad knowing where they are will protect them.



Additional resource for parents- Talking About Stranger Safety: 


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