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Vicki Niday

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My name is Vicki Niday.  I am an early childhood educator with more than twenty years experience and am currently the TK and Kindergarten teacher at McGill.  I believe my most important responsibility as an educator is to provide my students with the academic, social and life skills necessary to help them become responsible and productive world citizens who enjoy lives of personal fulfillment and integrity.


I aim to create for my students a learning environment that promotes self-confidence, respect and appreciation for others, and that fosters the celebration of the uniqueness in each of us.


I strive to exemplify in my own life the qualities of integrity, respect, community involvement, acceptance, and self-esteem that I endeavor to instill in my students.


When not at school, I love reading books and spending time with my husband and dogs.


Contact Information: 


School Hours:  619-629-0770 Ext:7006

Call/Text:  619-584-4628


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