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The San Diego Innovative Preschool Project, Inc. is a nonprofit, 501(c) 3, public benefit corporation, established exclusively for charitable purposes. The organization was founded in 1989 and incorporated as a California nonprofit corporation on August 9, 1990. All business and affairs of the corporation are exercised by and under the authority of its Board of Directors.

The primary focus of the San Diego Innovative Preschool Project, Inc. is to conduct programs that improve and /or contribute to the educational achievement of students, with a particular emphasis on inner-city children from diverse and low-income backgrounds.

With this focus, the corporation in 1991, established as its first project, a program called the San Diego School of Success (SOS) Preschool and Kindergarten, an innovative, experimental, research-based school designed to improve school performance and reduce the school drop-out rate among ethnically diverse, inner-city children from low-income families, through early childhood education and family intervention. The program was based on the premise that children from lower socioeconomic backgrounds are not pre-destined for academic failure and that with early and appropriate intervention with children and their

families, such children would do as well or better than their counterparts throughout their school years. The initial project was funded primarily through grants from the Weingart Foundation, the Lounsbery Foundation, and other private funds and donations secured by the corporation.


The school opened in September 1991, with 60 three year olds. The goal was to establish a model six-year intervention program that would include three years at the school and three years of follow-up. Students would enter the program at age three and remain for three years (through kindergarten).

In 1995, the corporation terminated its experimental program and sought to replicate the SOS model in an ongoing program. It entered into an enhanced collaboration with Head Start for the preschool program and applied for and received approval to establish a charter kindergarten under the San Diego Unified School District. The result was the establishment of the School of Success Innovative Head Start and the School of Success Kindergarten Academy.