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Our Principal

Hello McGill Families and Community, 

My name is Joseph Mendoza and I am honored and proud to be serving as McGill’s CEO/Principal.  I am committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders who want to see McGill continue to prosper and fulfill its potential. Together, we are creating a conducive environment where students can thrive, receive the support they need, feel safe, and enhance their learning. 

I am inspired by many things about McGill but the following things is what makes our school just that much more special: 

  • Dedicated teachers and staff who live and implement the founders vision and who work diligently to achieve its mission. 

  • Students who love to learn and who care about each other. 

  • Extremely supportive parents.

  • A highly qualified school board that is committed to McGill’s excellence.  

McGill is also proud to provide a 6 to 6 program that gives our students a safe place to receive academic enrichment and opportunities to participate in sporting, musical, and language development classes.  Please call, email, or stop by the office to ask more about our phenomenal school and  program. 



Joseph Mendoza

(619) 629-0770

Joseph Mendoza, Interim Principal
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