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McGill provides Common Core math through its Houghton Mifflin Expressions (TK-3rd) and Go Math (3rd-5th) programs.  Math manipulatives and school-to-life connections are saught for the internalization of math concepts. 

To support the various mathematical concepts from number sense, to algebraic thinking and problem solving, we offer online math programs for students to practice their daily math skills.  Our TK/K and 1st grade teachers use, our second grade teacher uses, and 3rd-5th use Aleks and LeverEd


Recognizing the dilemma of multiple programs, McGill is in the process of selecting one math curriculum to create a TK-5th grade continuum.  


McGill assesses students with Renaissance STAR assessments four times a year to keep track of learning progress and need for Response to Intervention supports.   

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