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Reading at McGill

McGill School of Success is here to help you on your student’s reading journey!  


  • Reach out to your student’s teacher whenever you have a question or need support. 

  • You may also reach out to McGill’s Reading Intervention Specialist, Ms. Walker, at

  • Below are resources you may find helpful.  

Tammy Walker

Tammy Walker

Reading Specialist

Read 20 minutes reading at home, every night!

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Reading with a child

Reading regularly with young children stimulates optimal patterns of brain development and strengthens parent-child relationships at a critical time in child development, which, in turn, builds language, literacy, and social-emotional skills that last a lifetime.

American Academy of Pediatrics

Reading aloud is practically free, you can do it anywhere. 

Even adults who are not fluent readers can provide a good experience for children by telling stories from their lives, from their imaginations, or from pictures in wordless books.


Reading aloud with children is linked to these powerful results:

  • Expanded knowledge and vocabulary

  • Improved attention span and memory

  • Increased curiosity and imagination


Plus . . .

  • Greater self-esteem, empathy and confidence

  • Stronger, closer relationships

  • Higher educational achievement and quality of life

Reading Foundation Website

There is great information at the Reading Foundation website.

Para nuestras familias bilingües (for our bilingual familes):

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Resources available at the front office, in English and Spanish

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