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4th Grade Lately

Dear 4th Grade Families,

Happy October! We are now about halfway through the trimester. The students have been working hard to ensure that they grow and make themselves proud each day. I am very proud of these kids for their hard work and dedication to their schoolwork. We have 4 students (Mikaela, Melissa, Oralia, and Thiago) in our class who have been present every day since the first day of school! We are learning a lot each day, so it is imperative that students attend school all day, every day. In addition, David, Melissa, Jadiel, Thiago, and Jordan received a Leadership Award this month. Way to go, friends! I wonder who will win these awards next month!

Progress Reports will be released for your child next week. The scores depict how your child is performing academically, as well as behaviorally, in class. The scores were given based on assessments and observations throughout the past several weeks. As it is still the beginning of the year, many of us are approaching grade-level expectations. If you have a question about your child’s progress report, please do not hesitate to contact me to discuss the matter.

We are currently finishing up our unit on Place Value, Addition, and Subtraction in Math and will be moving on to Multiplication. In English Language Arts (ELA), we have started our unit on Characters. Ask your child what the elements of a fairytale are! In Science we have been learning about Earth’s Features and Processes, specifically volcanoes, mountains, and erosion.

Students are assigned homework every Monday and are to complete their packet by Friday to be submitted for credit. We check homework daily and students are encouraged to ask me for help if they have trouble understanding a problem.

As always, thank you for being your child’s first teacher and valuing his/her education. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

Check out all the cool things we’ve been doing in the pictures below!

Best regards,

Ms. Yoo

We made a class banner highlighting our different cultures for Hispanic Heritage Month.

The students made beautiful fall art paintings using cool and warm colors.

Why do some volcanoes explode? 4th graders experimented working with different types of "lava (flour and water)" to find out why.

"In this lesson, students will investigate how differences in lava types explain differences in the shape and eruption patterns among volcanoes. In the activity, Bubble Trouble, students compare two different types of "lava" -- thin and thick. They use this information to figure out why volcanoes have different shapes and how the type of lava explains why some volcanoes explode." - Mystery Science

In this science experiment, students were inquiring if a mountain lasts forever. They used sugar cubes to shake 200 times in a container to see what happens to pieces of mountains over time.

Arguably the 4th grader's favorite STEAM project by far this year, the students were challenged to recreate the position of stacked cups that Ms. Yoo created, using only a rubber band with strings attached to it. To add to the challenge, students had to whisper the entire time and only one designated person from each group could look at the arrangement of cups and relay to their team what it looks like.

All teams were successful in recreating the cup arrangement! After, we discussed the challenges teams faced during construction and how they resolved the conflicts. Two of the biggest challenges were trying not to laugh and being patient with their team members.

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