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Happy Holidays from 4th Grade

Fourth-grade students have been working hard this year to grow their brains, learn how to be a friend, and practice respect and leadership skills. Please enjoy pictures of some of the activities they have been working on at school.

Students learned about Filipino-American unsung hero, Larry Itliong, who co-founded the United Farm Workers to bring better work conditions for FilipinX and ChicanX farm workers.

Fourth-graders have been working hard to create their Gingerbread Man STEAM bridges out of recycled materials. They used materials such as cardboard boxes, egg cartons, cotton swabs, popsicle sticks, and paper towel rolls.

They proudly present their finished projects. :)

Gingerbread Man cookie-decorating! These cookies lasted about 2 minutes before they were devoured.

Rehearsal for and day of the Winter Festival!

Thank you families and fourth-graders for the incredible first few months of the 2022-2023 school-year! I am looking forward to all the growth and excitement for what's to come next year.

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