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McGill is Back!

Have a look as our students arrive and start their first day of the 2023-24 school year!

Ms Sarah, Mr Jorge and Mr D lay out the new turf on the playground!

Adalyyn and Franco look ready!

A big smile from Ezra!

Andrea is glad to be back.

Mustafa is in the School!

Kingston and Christopher, partners in learning.

It was so worth coaxing that smile out of Camilla!

Xavier was a little shy at first, but he soon got into the swing of things.

Dad is clearly proud of Alana and Suzana!

Andrea and Sasha with big smiles.

Kevin is ready for 5th Grade.

Rogelio is ready for anything!

Paulette and Brian roll on in.

On the first day, we even let the moms in!

Moises is taking care of his sister Senny on the way in.

Gennady is styling with a new backpack!

Mom's not shy, but the girls are!

Henry, Henry, Henry!

Rey, Romeo and R'mani are all business.

Yesica is here!

Lining up for class; 1st thru 5th!

Lining up for class; TK and K edition.

We got them in! Ms Herman's TK classroom.

Ms Niday and the Kindergarteners

1st Grade with Ms O'Toole

Ms Terry and the 2nd Grade

Most of the third grade...

Mr Jorge and Antonio hanging out in 3rd Grade!

4th Grade, Part 1

More 4th Grade!

Last but not least, Ms Bundley and her 5th Graders; all too cool to look at the camera...

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