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McGill's 2023-24 Fifth Grade Graduates!

The end of every school year is bittersweet; we celebrate the accomplishments of our Fifth Grade students and wish them every success, knowing that we will miss each and every one!

Principal Mendoza and the graduates file in, take their seats, and recite the Pledge of Allegiance:

Principal Mendoza and Fifth Grade Teacher Ms Bundley welcomed the graduates and spectators, and recognized the Ms Rosario, who has volunteered in many capacities at McGill, including serving at School events, on the SSC, on the Board and most recently helping with the decorations for the graduation.

Then, our students each explained what was special to them about attending McGill:

Diploma time came next:

And finally, Principal Mendoza made it official, declaring the students to have officially met all the requirements for the 5th Grade!

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