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McGill's April Leaders

Our wonderful students outdid themselves in April; have a look at the ones we recognized for their April successes!

Our very special Reverend George Walker Smith Character Counts awards went to Sofia and Max.

Trustworthiness:  You can always count on her to do the right thing!

Respect:  She follows the golden rule and treats others as she would like to be treated.  

Responsibility:  She always does her best work!

Fairness:  She plays by the rules and is good at taking turns.

Caring:  She helps her classmates and invites them to play with her.  

Citizenship:  She is a kind and caring classmate. She says please, thank you, and you're welcome. She makes everyone feel comfortable!

I highly recommend Maximilian for this award. Max is an incredibly hard worker who always puts forth his best effort, and his academic progress has been exceptional. He consistently follows instructions and is very cooperative. When confronted with challenges, Max consistently delivers outstanding work. He asks questions to ensure he understands his assignments and shows great empathy and care towards others. His quiet and charismatic nature is a reflection of his intelligence. It's my pleasure to nominate Maximilian Branch for this distinguished award.

We had some very special accomplishments to celebrate this month; five of our students who come from non-English-speaking homes demonstrated their proficiency in English to the satisfaction of the State of California. This certification will open up their ability to take enrichment courses in middle school and beyond. We are very proud of their efforts, and the work by Ms Terry and Ms Maria in helping them get there.

We had an encore performance of a dance number by our 2nd Grade students!

Our student council was much in evidence as award presenters:

A big thanks to everyone who makes McGill students successful; teachers, admins, community members and most especially parents!


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