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Watch: The Wolf's Version by McGill's 2nd Grade

Ms Terry's 2nd Grade students presented a wonderful performance of The Wolf's Version on Thursday, April 25th!

There were clues to the performance posted at the school:

The students began at the end, with a wry look back from the wolf and the narrator:

Then, we learned the wolf's true motivation (to get sugar for a cake for his grandmother!) and off he went to the house of straw. Unfortunately, straw is dusty, and a big sneeze set everything in motion:

You know the drill; from straw to sticks. Unfortunately, sneezes are involuntary...

By the way, there were also students behind the curtains, changing the scenery:

As we all know, the brick house can take a sneeze, and this leads to the wolf's capture:

However, Grandma organizes a a distraction to draw off the guards, and breaks the wolf out of jail:

The End

This play was very popular with the audience!

The performers and crew took their bows, and answered questions:

And how about a little love for Ms Terry and Mr G Mendoza, 2nd Grade's teacher and aide, and our Principal Mendoza, too!

Oh, and if you haven't yet met our new Special Education teacher, Chas Beam, he was in attendance:

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