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Week of 10/31

Please enjoy some of the highlights from this week in 4th grade. :)

Students thought of several ways to represent a number using place value and different operations.

In honor of Filipino Heritage Month, our lovely Ms. Manglicmot is leading 4th grade in an Ethnic Studies unit, focusing on the founders of the United Farm Workers, including Larry Itliong, Dolores Huerta, and Cesar Chavez. Fourth grade students are learning about how California became an agricultural and industrial power and understanding the importance of honoring and celebrating unsung heroes, like Larry Itliong.

We are so happy to have our teacher aide, Ms. Mariana, who happens to be an extremely talented artist! We are fortunate to have her lead us through many fun art projects.

Last, but not least, Mustang Market had its grand opening on Friday. Students earn tickets throughout the week for attendance, homework completion, positive behavior, showing initiative, etc. They will have the opportunity to redeem prizes from the store at the end of each week.

See below for more pictures!

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