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McGill's January Leaders

The tough part is choosing among all the wonderful students to celebrate each month. Here are the students chosen for January!

Our Reverend George Walker Smith Character Counts awards for January went to Harmony and Benjamin!

This is a very special award for students who have demonstrated the highest character.

Harmony is a TK student who has exemplified the qualities of trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship from her first days here at McGill School of Success. Harmony's bright smile and kindness towards her classmates sets an example for how leaders at this school treat others. She listens to her teachers and participates in all parts of the school day with enthusiasm, positivity, and respect for others. Her inquisitive nature and strong sense of humor brightens the classroom, the playground, and all areas of the school where she is present. Our school community is so lucky to have Harmony as a student here at McGill!

Ethan is receiving the Reverent Smith Award because he has demonstrated he is an exceptional student. He is a kind,caring,,understanding and respectful person. He is an example of the six pillars of character. He mediates disagreements between friends and helps them see that arguing does not help.. He has also improved greatly academically which shows that he takes responsibility for his own learning. McGill is very lucky to have Ethan.

Our Student Council gave out the awards, and also sold Candygrams for next week!

We all have a good time before the awards start, too!

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